Permaslide Ink Transfer System (The Un-Decal) A Superior Decorating Option, which leaves only the ink. Only .12 Microns thin. A high resolution graphic image with bright Vivid colors that will catch your customers attention.

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Vitrical & Technical

Vitrical Ceramic Waterslide and Vitramark Heat Transfers

Decorative, vitreous decals and transfers for the permanent decoration and marking of Ceramic, Glass and Porcelain enamel. They are a high resolution decals that can be printed in 4 color process, Serigraph, and Litho Styles.

 Technical Technical Application transfers

They may possess, mechanical electrical or chemical properties. As active decals they combine form with function.  

  •  High Temperature Markings

  •  Low Temperature Markings

  •  Microwave Reactive 

  • Thermometers

  •  Dials and Gauges 

  •  Vacuum Tubes

  • Optical Markings
  • Automotive Glass
  • Compound Surface Imaging


  • Thick Film Applications

  • Conductive  Resistive

  • Dielectric   Resistant

  • Coatings  Sensor

  •  Bar Coding

  • Product Identification

  • Touch-screens
  • Ceramic Insulators 


  •  Improved Plant Safety

  • Simplified Purchasing   

  • Reduced Inventory

  • Simultaneous decorating

  • Options with wide tolerance to   process variables.

  •  Reduced Factory Space

  • Simplify Production
  •  Improved Quality Control
  • Improved Productivity
  • Fast Conversion and Pattern Change
  • Low Capital Cost
  • Simple Solutions to Complex Problems

  •  Resolution to .001 

  • Conductivity to 1 to 3 mili-ohms per square normalized at 25.4 microns thickness or customized to specific  application.

 Permaslide ink transfers (Decals) are in use today on, Busses, Pool Cues, Glassware, Baseball Bats, Bird Feeders, Golf Clubs, Fiberglass Showers, Bathroom Tile, Wall Murals, Basketball Courts, Boats, Ceramic Pendants, Motorcycles Helmets, Fenders and Gas Tanks, Cigarette lighters, Whisky Flasks, Guitars, Stainless Steel Thermos, Travel Mugs, Point of purchase displays, Cameras , Cell Phones, Auto and Bicyclical Restoration projects. Just to name a few.

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