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Heatrans-permaslide  (het`trans  pur`me`slid) 

n. 1.a permanent, durable, low profile water 

transfer with a removable pre-mask. 2.Sometimes

printed in lithography for fine detail or screen 

printed for outdoor durability.


But, What IS it? Originally produced as an industrial marking, Heatrans-Permaslide™ is now also available as a consumer 

applied marking with good tolerance to application variables

and very long shelf life. This is a special water-slide decal 

which has a carrier film (pre-mask) that can be easily removed after 

the decal has been applied and dried. It leaves behind a low profile 

(12microns thick), highly resolved graphic image. It appears to have 

been printed directly on the surface. It is almost impossible 

to see it was applied as a decal as there is no telltale outline, halo, 

or film evidence around the marking. The pre-mask allows many small and 

individual design elements to be applied at the same time. It can also 

be heat cured for added durability on glass, metal, ceramic and many 

other surfaces. When properly cured the marking is more durable than a 

vinyl label. It is permanent and safe for dishwasher or outdoor use. It can 

be removed, if desired, with a special solvent like acetone.


Superior Performance:  More durable than vinyl label or marking films: 

ASTM 3359 B: 5B rating Low Profile: Only 12 microns thick. 


Key features of Permaslide: Bright permanent colors, resistant to 

water, sunlight and heat, Acid Free Residential, Commercial or Industrial 

applications, Home Furnishings: Ceramic Tiles, Sporting Goods, Stationery, 

Memory Books, Powder coated surfaces, Commercial Sporting Goods (Aluminum or 

wood bats) Anodized steel or aluminum, Automobile, Truck and Bus, One Way Vision, 

Bicycles, fiberglass, Vinyl, Industrial Machinery, Computers, Electrical Appliances, 

Product Identification  

Surface Application Chart: 

  • Ceramic: Excellent

  • PET: Excellent 

  • Metal: Excellent

  • Glass: Excellent 

  • Powder coated: Excellent 

  • Polyurethane: N/A

  • Shower Enclosures: Excellent

  • Stainless Steel: Excellent

  • Fiberglass: Excellent 

  • ABS Plastic: Excellent

  • PVC Plastic: 50% PS - 

  • Polystyrene GP: 50%

  • PP Polypropylene: Requires special adhesive layer PU

  • Anodized steel: Excellent 

  • Aluminum: Excellent 

  • Furniture: Excellent 

 Press Sheet Size: 

Optional Materials available:  Softener/Remover.

Graphic Requirements:

The chemical reaction forms a permanent bond. This process provides a texture and hardness similar to enamel painting.  

Application Information:

Soak Decal Apply Face Up Press (Remove water) Cure

Easy Application :

  1. Clean the surface. (It need not be dry.)

  2. Cut the desired decal from the sheet.

  3. Soak the decal with clean water for 5-10 seconds.

  4. When the decal is ready to slide, place it (face up) on to the surface.

  5. Remove the water completely with a squeegee and or towel.

  6. Allow to it dry overnight.

  7. * Peel the film (pre-mask) from the decal. * This may be accelerated with the addition of heat. The time and temperature may vary with surface and ambient conditions.

 Two Custom Variations Available

TXP - Reverse or transfer style, no pre-mask. This is useful for the application of large designs to flat surfaces like windows or furniture. Just wet the surface, place the transfer, and moisten the back of the paper to release it.

WXP - Waterslide style, no pre-mask. Ideal for full coverage patterns like marble or granite. Simply follow steps 1-5 in the instructions above. 

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