Permaslide Ink Transfer System (The Un-Decal) A Superior Decorating Option, which leaves only the ink. Only .12 Microns thin. A high resolution graphic image with bright Vivid colors that will catch your customers attention.

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Easy Application Instructions

WET THE DECAL in a pan of water, which will cause the paper to curl. Remove to a flat surface and let the decal flatten (typically about 20 seconds). Tap water may be used for wetting.  A soluble food grade starch paper coating adheres the decal to the ware before curing. Over-soaking the decal to float free of the paper must be avoided as this may cause pre-curing adhesion to be lost. Replace water when it appears cloudy. When the decal must stretch over a curve, soak the decal and/or ware in warm water allowing the decal lacquer to become more flexible and easier to apply.

SLIDE THE DECAL from the paper in position on the ware making sure the surface is free of all debris before the application of the decal. Pollutants like dirt and oil between the decal and ware may result in fired defects. So clean the substrate, using common glass cleaners or isopropyl alcohol.

REMOVE THE WATER from between the decal and substrate by pressing with a rubber squeegee and/or a soft cloth. The squeegee is easily lubricated by rubbing it over the wet decal paper once the decal has been removed and placed on the ware. Once this squeegee procedure has been completed, no water pockets should remain visible.

DRY THE DECAL thoroughly, to avoid "blowout" blisters during the curing process. Although 5 to 10 hours may be sufficient, many decorators prefer to dry overnight. Others will dry the decal in minutes with warm air in a preheat process below the boiling point of water. One suggestion is to dry at 95C for 10 minutes.

Cure The Transfer in the specified time/temperature range. Be sure to leave sufficient time for the heat to "Soak" the ware at a temperature, which allows the decal to mature.



Application Information:

Soak Decal Apply Face Up Press (Remove water) Cure

Easy Application :

  1. Clean the surface. (It need not be dry.)

  2. Cut the desired decal from the sheet.

  3. Soak the decal with clean water for 5-10 seconds.

  4. When the decal is ready to slide, place it (face up) on to the surface.

  5. Remove the water completely with a squeegee and or towel.

  6. Allow to it dry overnight.

  7. * Peel the film (pre-mask) from the decal. * This may be accelerated with the addition of heat. The time and temperature may vary with surface and ambient conditions.

 Two Custom Variations Available

TXP - Reverse or transfer style, no pre-mask. This is useful for the application of large designs to flat surfaces like windows or furniture. Just wet the surface, place the transfer, and moisten the back of the paper to release it.

WXP - Waterslide style, no pre-mask. Ideal for full coverage patterns like marble or granite. Simply follow steps 1-5 in the instructions above. 






 Permaslide ink transfers (Decals) are in use today on, Busses, Pool Cues, Glassware, Baseball Bats, Bird Feeders, Golf Clubs, Fiberglass Showers, Bathroom Tile, Wall Murals, Basketball Courts, Boats, Ceramic Pendants, Motorcycles Helmets, Fenders and Gas Tanks, Cigarette lighters, Whisky Flasks, Guitars, Stainless Steel Thermos, Travel Mugs, Point of purchase displays, Cameras , Cell Phones, Auto and Bicyclical Restoration projects. Just to name a few.

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